Solar panels for businesses

Companies are increasingly facing stringent energy-saving measures. For example, large scale consumers are required to have 10 per cent of their roofs fitted with solar panels by the end of June 2025. However, they often still face outdated infrastructures or practical problems. Choosing the right solar panels for companies therefore requires expertise.

How do you choose the right solar panels for your business?

We understand that every company is unique. That is why our experts carry out a company-specific simulation and set up a detailed consumption profile. This information is crucial for designing an installation that perfectly matches your needs and objectives.

On this basis, our engineers create tailor made installations for maximum efficiency. We take away your worries by seamlessly integrating sustainable solutions into your business processes.

What about your electric vehicle fleet?

The obligation to install an electric vehicle fleet is prompting companies to rethink their energy sources. Solled is not only about smart generation, but also smart charging.

Powering your electric fleet is better with maximum green energy thanks to solar panels for businesses and the combination with smart charging.

Sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity

We understand this all too well at Solled. We like to guide you towards an energetic future. With soon to be 20 years of knowledge and expertise, we always think along with you for the best possible energy solutions.

Solled is your strategic partner for a sustainable future. Trust our experience, dedication and expertise to take your business to an energy-efficient and sustainable future.

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