LED lighting

With the right lighting, you show off products much better or steer customers in a certain direction thanks to the right atmosphere. But your employees also feel better in the workplace with pleasant light. So every situation requires appropriate lighting. We are happy to highlight our best solutions for your company.

How to choose LED lighting?

When choosing LED lighting, there are a number of things to consider. How many light points do I place? Where do I place them and in what colour temperature?

LED lighting for the right working environment

Lighting is more than just lamps. At Solled, we help you find the perfect balance between light levels, colour temperatures and light distribution. So your business enjoys the best possible lighting to increase productivity, sell your products or create a pleasant working atmosphere.

Rely on our expertise

We have been closely following the lighting market for many years. Solled therefore specialises in industrial LED lighting and LED lighting for offices, shops, showrooms, catering, car parks and much more. We are happy to apply our know-how to your business premises.

Our qualified lighting consultant will help you choose the right lighting for your business. We also provide advice or carry out a detailed lighting study.

If you are a lighting installer yourself, you can come to us to purchase LED lighting and luminaires.

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Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

For industrial sites in Belgium, LED lighting not only offers energy savings and reduced maintenance costs, but also better light quality that is crucial for precision work. LEDs improve working conditions and can increase workplace safety through consistent and controllable lighting options.

Through regional support programmes, such as energy-saving premiums in Flanders, the Belgian government offers financial support to companies investing in energy-efficient lighting such as LEDs. This lowers the threshold for initially higher investment costs.

Belgian companies switching to LED lighting can save up to 80% on their lighting costs, depending on the previous lighting technology. The long lifetime and low energy consumption of LEDs reduce both energy and replacement costs.

LED lighting can have a positive impact on employee productivity by improving light quality and reducing eye fatigue. Better lighting can lead to improved concentration and fewer errors, contributing to a more efficient working environment.