Charging stations for businesses

Companies are required to switch to electric driving. This brings not only necessary investments, but also questions around charging capacity. Electric charging requires the necessary connection capacity. This is often underestimated. An integrated approach to electricity generation, storage and smart use then offers the best solution.

What should you think about when it comes to charging stations for businesses?

1. Charging capacity analysis

For all businesses, it is essential to properly understand the charging capacity required. For both all electric and hybrid fleets, it is necessary to evaluate how many charging points can be used simultaneously without exceeding the connection capacity

2. Study consumption spike

In smart charging systems, we look at simultaneous consumption and examine whether we can adjust it to the consumption already present. This optimisation of the charging process reduces the need for a heavier connection. Thanks to our Load Balancer, your business can always enjoy maximum capacity.

3. Drawing up a budget

There are various options for optimising connection capacity. These can range from smart energy management systems to load balancing solutions

4. Integrating solar generation

Linking solar generation with load capacity shows the smartest side of sustainability. Installing solar panels for businesses not only generates additional energy, but also allows your company to deploy more power without direct load shedding. So consider installing solar panels as an integral part of the solution.

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Our experts are ready to guide you through the journey of smart charging and sustainable production. . Our experts are ready to guide you through the journey of smart charging and sustainable production. Whether it is charging infrastructure, connection power optimisation or solar panel integration, we offer tailor-made solutions for a future-oriented and sustainable fleet.

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Until the end of August 2024, there is a 150% cost deduction for charging stations. Companies can also enjoy tax breaks for energy-saving investments through increased investment deductions.

Yes, in all cases the cost of installing a charging station is tax deductible. There are supporting measures from the government. This can vary by region and specific regulations, so it is advisable to consult the current tax benefits.