About Solled

Certified green energy installer

Solled is an approved installer for numerous energy solutions. With our expertise in solar panels, home batteries, electric vehicle charging stations, infrared heating and LED lighting, we assist you in your quest for more efficient energy management.

More than 15 years of experience

Founded in 2008 by Bart Vermeersch, Solled has over 15 years of experience as an installer of photovoltaic solar panels, home batteries, infrared heating and LED lighting. Thanks to our extensive advice and in-depth knowledge, we built up a strong reputation.

Conscious with energy

Solled is more than a company that distributes or installs energy solutions. We work with the best quality products and always look for the best formula for your needs. That is why we always visit you personally for an analysis and work out a tailor-made proposal.

Solled for companies

Companies that are aware of the coming energy measures are already smoothly finding their way to Solled today. They realise that it is important to start working now on the objectives for the coming decades. Our experts are happy to guide them in this quest and help them find a tailor-made solution.

Solled for individuals

Our experts will visit you and listen to your story and your needs first and foremost. So you can always count on expert advice and professional know-how on your energy issue.

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