Battery for businesses

When the sun is shining at full power and our solar panels are working overtime, it is of course important to use that energy as efficiently as possible. Local battery storage then offers the perfect solution to get even more return from your green energy

What are the benefits of a battery for businesses?

1. Smart controls

Use later what you will store now. The battery gives you a buffer for the busy times but also captures a lot of ener

2. Storing energy locally

By storing energy locally, you will lighten the grid and pay less capacity charge. The generated energy can then also be used when prices are higher. Deferred use can then also make use of green energy.

3. Optimal energy

Batteries help companies use excess energy at times when energy demand is high or when energy production is low.

4. Emergency power supply

Batteries can serve as a backup power source during power cuts or emergencies, ensuring business continuity and minimising operational disruptions.

5. Greater grid stability

By integrating batteries into the electricity grid, companies can contribute to its stability by offsetting fluctuations in supply and demand. Contributing to grid operation, through the “imbalance” principle, can also provide a financial benefit.

6. Smaller carbon footprint

Sustainability is a choice. By using a local battery as an energy storage system, your company contributes to the transition to a more sustainable energy supply and helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

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Investing in a battery for business offers numerous benefits, but we understand you are still left with questions. What about high initial costs or technological limitations? To meet your company’s specific needs, we look at each situation individually.

Don’t wait any longer and discover the benefits of a battery for businesses to make the best use of your generated energy. We offer a tailor-made simulation so you can see for yourself how local battery storage will take your business to a more sustainable future.

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Small industrial batteries can be placed indoors. The best place for an industrial battery is a cool, dry room that is well ventilated. It is important to keep the battery out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maximise life and efficiency. Larger industrial batteries are often placed in designated containers close to the high-voltage connection.

When a battery is fully charged and energy is still being produced by your solar panels, the excess energy is injected into the grid. Consult your current energy supplier to find out what you can receive for feed-in to the grid.

The storage time of power in a business battery depends on the capacity of the battery and your energy consumption. On average, a battery can store power for a few days to a week, depending on how intensively you use the stored energy.

The profitability of a battery for business depends on several factors, such as energy prices, subsidies and your own energy consumption. Currently, batteries for businesses are already a good investment, especially if you produce a lot of energy with your solar panels and want to store it for later use. Combined with a dynamic contract and buying and selling energy at the right time, this provides a financial benefit.